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How To Win Fights In Mafia Wars Game

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How To Win Fights In Mafia Wars Game

Become a Super Fighter in Mafia Wars

All Mafia Wars players should learn how to be prepared for an attack, move up the levels, gain experience points and indeed decide if you should fight in Mafia Wars.

What kind of Mafia Wars fighter are you?

The Aggressive Fighter

  • Takes fighting very seriously
  • Fight through every level in Mafia Wars
  • Gain experience points to move up the levels
  • Like to make a name for themselves

The Non Fighter

  • Would rather work their way up the levels by doing jobs
  • Avoids fights
  • Only fights when the fight comes to them

Even if you don’t want to fight your way to the top, though, it’s a good idea to know how to win any fight you wind up in. You can’t control who attacks you, after all. You can only control how prepared you are when that attack comes. And it will come sooner or later.

Types of Fights In Mafia Wars

The first thing you need to understand when you’re learning about how to win fights in Mafia Wars is that there are actually three different kinds of fights (and that doesn’t even include Boss Fights).

The Basic Fight

The basic fight is one in which you attack another player (or they attack you) without any intermediary or ulterior motive.

You can continue to attack the same player over and over again, and even if you win every time, their health will never drop below 20.

You can also gain a varying amount of cash and between one and six experience points every time you win one of these fights.

The Hitlist Fight

Hit list fights work a little bit differently.

If you agree to do a job off of the hitlist, you can earn whatever reward the one who hires you is offering as long as you win the fight.

These rewards can be pretty impressive when you get to some of the higher level characters, but you’ll really want to be sure you can win the fight before you take it on.

Robbing In Mafia Wars

The third type of fight in Mafia Wars is Robbing.

You can only attack another player who has a mafia comparable in size to your own, but the loot you gain from damaging property and stealing loose cash is pretty rewarding all on its own.

There’s also a small experience bonus to be had from completing a successful robbery.

Find out How To Rob In Mafia Wars – Even if you do not like to go out robbing other Mafia you will at least learn how to protect your property.

How to Win Mafia Wars Fights

  • The size of your mafia is probably the most important factor in determining your success in a fight. As long as your mafia is bigger than that of the person you are attacking, you stand a good chance of winning.
  • This is true no matter how much equipment you have because each of your mafia members can only take on piece of armor, one vehicle and one weapon into each fight.
  • The total attack or defense points of your equipment matters very little if you don’t have enough people to use it all.

It’s also important to keep in mind that only your total attack points matter when you initiate the attack and only your total defense points matter when you’re on the receiving end.

So depending on your overall game strategy, you’ll want to collect equipment with greater defense or attack ratings. And because the defense and attack points are so high with the various pieces of equipment you can buy and earn, the amount of skill points that you devote to your own character’s attack or defense matters very little.

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