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Sorry Mafia Wars Kingpin is no longer available!

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Are you ready for a Shift In Power?! It’s Time to Level The Playing Field!

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These are just a few things you will learn from reading Mafia Wars Kingpin:

** How to rake in MASSIVE amounts of Godfather points and how you should leverage them to give your mafia the unfair advantage for  total domination.
**Insider secrets to never having your property damaged during a robbery attempt.
**Killer recruiting strategies that will let you attract top mafia members to YOUR mafia, and get your foundation filled with the “Big Boys” from your very first day!
**Learn the secrets to absolutely destroying hit list targets!
**How to get more mob jobs done with energy packs.
**How to “Strap” your Mafia with the best weapons and armor you can get in the game.
**Undergound “Boss” tactics to dominating levels and jobs faster than you ever thought was possible.
**Got 5 Mins? That’s all you need to collect all the weapons and tools you’ll need to to help pull off your crime jobs. Learn How Inside the Guide!
**Stop getting picked on by other crews. Learn to strike a quick Blow of Revenge against and Mob that dares to cross your path and disrupt your cashflow.

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