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Mafia Wars Robbing Ready Or Not | Mafia Wars How To Rob Or Not Be

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Mafia Wars Robbing Ready Or Not

How To Rob Or Not Be In Mafia Wars

Do you know how to use the robbing feature in the Mafia Wars game? Are you losing your Casinos and being robbed? Mafia Wars players should learn to master robbing other players to understand how to stop players robbing them.

If you have not robbed anyone yet or are getting repeatedly robbed then you should read this. Learn how to prevent being robbed and win all your robberies.

Robbing is a very small part of the Mafia Wars game but it can be to your advantage to understand how it works.

Mafia Wars Robbing Basics

Essentially, when you want to rob another player, you’ll be able to select which property you want to target. Each property has different requirements in terms of the amount of stamina it will cost you to take it on. You’ll also need to have enough mafia members to carry out the robbery, and the number that you must have will also vary from one property to another.

When you do manage to carry out a successful robbery, you will be able to claim a cash reward and you’ll also receive an experience bonus. The amount of cash you take away will depend both on the type of property you robbed and the level of that property.

Also, some specialty properties like the Weapons Depot and the Chop Shop reward you in goods rather than cash. For instance, you’ll walk away from a Chop Shop robbery with a few new car parts that you can use later on. There are also some random loot drops from robberies, providing you with items you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Choosing Which Mafia Wars Player to Rob

Of course, the benefits you gain from robbing only materialize if you’re able to carry of the heist successfully, and not every robbery is going to be successful. In fact, the success you have in robbing will have a lot to do with how good you are a choosing your marks. Nothing is guaranteed and even the best planned robberies can fail, but if you go about it right, you’ll have a significantly better chance of succeeding on a regular basis.

When you first go to the robbery page, you’ll see that the various properties available to rob are each categorized as easy, medium or hard. This refers to the way you match up with the property’s owner in terms of mafia size and attack vs. defense points. As you can probably guess, you are much stronger than someone whose properties are classified as easy and not as well equipped as someone whose properties are classified as hard.

Just because a property is listed as a hard target for you, though, doesn’t mean you can’t rob it successfully. You’ll just have a much lower chance of success. Depending on the payout for that particular property, it may well be worth the risk to attempt the robbery anyway. After all, all you lose in an unsuccessful attempt is a few stamina points.

On the other hand, the payout will have to be pretty substantial to warrant such an attack against the odds because you could likely make substantial gains for the same stamina expenditure by robbing several easy properties. There are, of course, no guarantees that a robbery on an easy property will be successful anyway, but your chances will be much higher than if you choose to take on the more challenging job.

Tips Robbing In The Mafia Wars Game

  • The number of your Mafia members that you can take to a robbery equals your level.
  • So, if you are on level 40 them 40 of your mafia will be in the robbery.
  • If you do not have as many members as your level add more mafia before robbing others.
  • Choose someone to rob who has a smaller mafia than you
  • Never buy larger properties like Mega Casinos unless your mafia size is equal or more than your current level – or you will be a target for robbing.

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