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Mafia Wars Wizard Guide – New Release!

New 500 copies of Mafia Wars Wizard is now available! 

Looking for maifa wars cheater? Sold Out – Mafia Wars Wizard now available!

October 2009 Mafia Wars Cheater – GONE and back in the vault!

Sorry but we did warn you! 

Do not miss out this time – Mafia Wars Wizard Released October 2009mafia wars wizard

Mafia Wars Wizard has really impressed us here at Mafia Wars Cheat Guides

and you can bet we grabbed it!

Mafia Wars Wizard website say’s “only the first 500 people will get a copy – then it is back in the vault.”

We will of course let you know when this happens but we think you should at least go and have a look before it closes.

Remember Millions of people are playing Mafia Wars yet only 500 people will have the

Mafia War Wizard Guide 

 mafia wars wizard

A quick look at Mafia Wars Wizard Guide:

“Nothing Held Back, All The Secrets I’ve Learned From The Gurus Are Revealed Inside

 ‘Mafia Wars Wizard’

Even if your the World’s biggest skeptic, YOU can’t argue with facts and the numbers. Here is what you can easily do if you implement just a few of my “Mafia Wars Tactics & Tricks”:

1. Gain MORE Godfather points beyond your wildest dreams and how to use them to give your mafia the upper-hand inside the game

2. Learn how to get REVENGE against any Mafia family that messes with your crew or your cash-flow

3. The Secret to making hundreds of new mafia friends in a matter of a few hours

4. Proven Methods and Tactics to master levels and jobs in record timing speed

And what do you get after implementing ONLY those four tricks?

Complete those 4 tricks and you can watch your Mafia Wars status literally JUMP within a few hours!

“Would you believe that mastering the methods inside “Mafia Wars Wizard” helped me create a cash-flow of over a QUADRILLION DOLLARS?…”

“Who Else Wants My Mafia Wars Quadrillion Dollar Cashflow Secret Cheats & Tactics?”

Yes, it’s true. My current multi-figure Mafia Wars status started out as a small measly one.

  • You can never have your property damaged in a robbery
  • The secret tactic which teaches you how to do even more jobs with energy packs.
  • Discover where to go to get all of the tools and weapons that everyone needs and wants but can’t get easily – you can however once you read the secrets inside Mafia Wars Wizard!

“No BS, No Fluff, 100% Legitimate Legal Cheats”

After going through and purchasing all the other junk guides out there for Mafia Wars (unfortunately I’ve lost a lot of money due to this fact), I’ve come to realize that most of them are nothing but cheap talk and fluff with only a few good cheats/tips lost in between the bullshit.

Here’s an example of what you get from the majority of the other Mafia Wars guides out there; They tell you how to sign up for the game on MySpace or FaceBook, and if you’re familiar with Mafia Wars this helps you how? Stop throwing away your hard-earned money on a crappy guide that is full of fluff and cheap talk,

Another fact, most of these so called ‘guides’ teach you strategies and “cheats” that will more than likely have your account banned for good. The tactics and methods inside Mafia Wars Wizard are 100% legal and legitimate, and will NOT get you banned under any circumstances all 100% hack-free.

Just imagine if YOU could have an abundance of any tool/weapon and the cash-flow you desire at any notice inside Mafia Wars. 

Bul hole

Remember Currently Only 500 Copies Have Been Made Available!

Currently only $27.00

Click Here – Hurry!

 Not sure if this the one you want?

Then let your energy build up and browse this site!


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